Your plan is plan "B".

Hey Love!

I was going to write a devotional about this topic today but, as I'm embracing more rest and ease in my life and business lately, I realized that the Instagram Live I did yesterday about this is actually enough.

If you've been experiencing a feeling of anxiety or overwhelm about planning because you're trying your best to just surrender to whatever God is telling you to do, listen to this. (oan, if you want the cliff notes version, this post @bigideafood on IG sums it up)

I shared 3 practical steps for “surrendering” our plans to God in a way that eliminates overwhelm, anxiety & procrastination.

What some of my followers said:

  • "I appreciate this so much and your transparency and authenticity! You don't know how much you're helping me on my journey. Thank you."
  • "I absolutely love this message, Marlena! Girl! This was so needed❤️

Enjoy! And talk soon.


Still hungry? Eat some more //

  • Ok Pastor Toure Roberts has been ON. ONE. This sermon, "Building You" was a whole bop. If you're focused on hitting your goals right now, this is a powerful and anointed message about the most effective way to get there. When I tell you it gathered me!?? I share more about what I took from it here and here on my IG feed if you want a quick taste before committing to watching the whole thing lol
  • Annnnd this Dharius Daniels sermon is soooo so good to listen to if you're praying about a decision right now or need help making better decisions / hearing from God better. 

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