You need more rest for where you're going.

"'This is not good!' Moses’ father-in-law exclaimed. 'You’re going to wear yourself out—and the people, too. This job is too heavy a burden for you to handle all by yourself.'"

- Exodus 18:17-18 (New Living Translation)

A good friend of mine shared this week's scripture with me this past week and, even though at the time she shared it I was feeling supernaturally full from the newness of walking at the next level of my purpose, I took heed to her words and God's grace that led her to send it to me. 

In the few days following it was like God pulled back the curtain on several of the unsustainable habits I've been developing in the midst of walking at this new level--working 6 days a week, many of them 12 hour days, overbooking myself & just generally not leaving myself enough space, time & energy for adequately filling my own cup and presently engaging with my closest family and friends. 

Now the reality is, I knew I was coming up on a busy season AND I honestly felt amazing in the midst of all of it because there's nothing like the fulfillment that comes from walking in your purpose! But what I hear God speaking to me now in this moment is: 

Be careful not to let behaviors that are necessary for one season, become bad habits that you carry into the next. 

Moses had a season where he was in fact the only leader of the hundreds of thousands of Israelites escaping from Egypt. And, for the most part, that was how it needed to be at the time. But now he was in a place where one season had passed and a new one was getting started where, instead of reevaluating his process, he was taking the old season mentality into the new one and it wasn't serving him OR the people he was leading. In fact, him continuing those same habits into this new season was setting the stage for burnout & more poor decision-making (I just made a bad decision the other day that I KNOW was due to me having tired brain!).

That's why we gotta recognize when a season has shifted and govern ourselves accordingly.

For me that means taking Saturdays AND Sundays off now, working fewer hours a day, scheduling regular times of sabbatical, and, most importantly, empowering people to support this vision with me. For you it might mean something totally different but I just want to encourage you that if a major shift is on the horizon for your business, or you've recently gone through one, it's time to do some inventory. What habits do you need to take with you, leave behind or create in order to best prepare for what's ahead? And here's a hint: if you "don't have time" to do this inventory, that's your #1 sign that it needs to be done. 

Still hungry? Eat more //

  • Exodus 18:19-26 → Moses had to create a more efficient system for getting the knowledge God had given him to the masses. What systems do you need to put in place to better handle the mission God has given you? 

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