The game-changing lesson I paid $21,000 to learn.


This week we're going to do something a little different for the newsletter.

Earlier today I shared some really powerful lessons and Holy Spirit nuggets that God has given me over the past several months with my members at Big Idea Food™ TRIBE and I wanted to pass them along to you too.

Here's what my members had to say about this chat:

  • Anyone else crying? Okay me either! lol 
  • Thanks for that quote because I've been looking for a blueprint and its been holding me back and I believe God is screaming at me to trust him
  • “the work that I am doing does not equate to my provision” - WOOORRRRDDDD!!!! 
  • 🙌🏾 Loving this- I so missed Tribe!! 
  • 🔥🔥 This was fire, Marlena! Thank you for sharing so transparently.

If you enjoy my regular newsletters, this talk was that on steroids. I shared allll the tea, including: 

  • The game-changing lesson I paid $21,000 to learn
  • Why God pumped the breaks on my 2 million book sales goal
  • How I'm renovating the Big Idea Food™ customer relationship funnel to serve my customers along every part of their journey with us
  • Plus 9 more rapid fire lessons learned that will give you God-inspired encouragement, direction & mentorship for life & business.

Listen here (it starts around the 14-minute mark).



P.S. Yes, Big Idea Food™ TRIBE is officially back open!!! 🥳  Become a member today at

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