Take too much.

Last week I encouraged you to ask God for more and to even make a list of things you want to ask Him for. I wanted to follow up with two additional scriptures I came across that were speaking to me along this same vein. The first was this:

"but when they put it in an ‘omer-measure, whoever had gathered much had no excess; and whoever had gathered little had no shortage; nevertheless each person had gathered according to his appetite." 
- Exodus 16:18 (Complete Jewish Bible)

It's that "according to his appetite" part for me. This passage is taken from when the children of Israel first were introduced to God literally feeding them with provision that fell out of the sky. Each person was able to take the exact amount they wanted with no sense of scarcity; no sense that they were taking (or even COULD take) too much BECAUSE there was so much more available than they could all possibly take. What I'm taking from it is this:

Ask God for what you're hungry for! 

What you got a taste for? Ask for as much of that as you want! Don't ask for a hamburger when you really want a steak (or vice versa). Your prayers don't have to be big or small, just let them be true to what you actually desire. The other scripture that spoke to me around this topic was:

"Their allocation of land came from part of what had been given to Judah because Judah’s territory was too large for them. So the tribe of Simeon received an allocation within the territory of Judah."
- Joshua 19:9 (New Living Translation)

I gotta give credit to this sermon for this revelation. Starting at 1hr & 33-minutes in, the pastor is talking about how, when the children of Israel were working to possess all of the promised land, the tribe of Judah basically had taken more land than they even needed; so much so that they were able to give a whole entire portion to the tribe of Simeon. What I love about what the pastor points out is that the tribe of Simeon was blessed by Judah taking too much. Because when we take too much we have excess to give. Excess that our brothers, sisters, friends, countries, etc need.

I know you probably want to sow millions into the Kingdom & other causes you care about. So don't be afraid to make your asking from God as big as what you aspire to give in His name. The more you grow this muscle of faith to ask God for (and receive) more, the more you'll ultimately position yourself to be able to be a blessing. And that's what it's all about.


Still hungry? Eat some more //

  • I haven't even listened to this sermon yet but a friend shared it with me and I've added it to my queue because the title alone 😩 ! "Stop Praying it Safe." Whew!

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