Take the pressure off yourself.

“For it will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted to them his property. To one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one, to each according to his ability. Then he went away."

- Matthew 25:14-15 (English Standard Version)

Was talking with one of my clients recently about how she realized she was putting too much pressure on herself to bring her vision to pass—and not enough on God. In her conversation with Him about it, he basically asked her, "if I hired you to be the CEO of this company I'm building through you, what would you do with my unlimited resources to make sure my mission for this company is carried out?" Immediately she was able to see herself as a CEO running God's company—not her own—and it freed up her mind to think about all the things she needed Him to supply in order for her to get the job done she was called (aka "hired") to do. 


Just like in this week's parable of the talents scripture, God has entrusted us with "His property" in the form of our businesses. The only difference is, He's never left or forsaken us; amen!? (Hebrews 13:5) So, today I want you to remember that your vision belongs to God. It came from Him because there are people in the earth who need it that He cares about and He’s “hired” you in a sense to make sure they get it. 


That means whatever resources you need in order to manage this thing are HIS responsibility, not yours. 


But you have to ask Him for them. And don’t skimp either. Like my client did, imagine yourself being hired by God to manage His unlimited budget:


  • Need support? Write down the descriptions of the roles you need and ask Him to send them.

  • Need money? Outline the budget you need and ask Him to send it.

  • Need wisdom or knowledge? Get clear on what you’re missing and ask Him to fill in the gaps, help you find the right coach or training you need.

  • Need time? Ask Him to help you become more efficient in managing your time and to help you see creative ways to get things done faster & smarter.


In short: STEWARD yo ish! God didn’t just drop this business off to you and say “now you figure it out.” No, He’s co-creating right along side you with every resource you could possibly need right at His fingertips; He just needs you to remember He’s there and believe Him for it so He can get it to you.


Don’t fall into the trap of thinking your business rests on your shoulders because it really doesn’t. You’re not alone and, like any great CEO, you just need to learn how to steward your resources. God and everything He owns (which is EVERY. THING.) is at your disposal. Take the pressure off yourself and use Him! 



Still Hungry? Eat more // 

  • Haggai 2:4→ This scripture encouraged me today in my own personal "pressure" moment. I hope it encourages you too.

  • Matthew 28:20→ Remember that He is with you always. 

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