Stop over spiritualizing your business.

“The master commended the dishonest manager because he acted cleverly. People who belong to this world are more clever in dealing with their peers than are people who belong to the light."

- Luke 16:8 (Common English Bible)


I recently finished binge-watching the tv show Breaking Bad and, even though it's about the life of a drug dealer, it has ministered to me in so many ways! 😂  One way in particular was how the main character elevated the sales of his product. Instead of continuing to slang it one-by-one on a few corners making peanuts, he sought out a major distributor who already had multiple sales channels across the region in place who he could sell in bulk to. For him, it was just a matter of common sense. 

But sometimes we as Christian business owners don't use the common sense the good Lord gave us (myself included 🙋🏾‍♀️). 

As I was thinking about establishing stronger income streams for myself recently, this Breaking Bad example and this scripture came to mind and it was like I could sense God saying, don't let these drug dealers out-business you! If you have a good product with great reviews, why you slangin' it on social media corners here and there when you should be bulk distributing it for as many people as possible to get a taste? 

For me right now, being wiser in my business looks like doing the work to seek out larger scale buyers for my book. What does it look like for you [First Name]? In what ways can you be wiser in your business? What "worldly" methods have you been neglecting to use because you've been over spiritualizing your business? Of course I'm not condoning immoral methods or anything of that nature; I'm just saying it's ok to still use your brain as a Christian business owner. As a spirit-led child of the light who lives in the earth, we have the advantage of being able to use the best of both "worlds". So take it!


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  • Luke 16:1-9 → Read the entire parable for more context of what Jesus was saying here. I looked up the word used for "clever" in verse 8 and, the Complete Jewish Bible uses the Hebrew word "sekhel" here, which means something like "brains" or "intellect". Jesus was basically saying ya'll don't use your brains like they do, and you should! Jesus stepped on all the toes and didn't care and I love it 🤣
  • Matthew 10:16 → Jesus didn't say be a snake, He just said be as wise as one. 

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  • I’m a Christian and I love business also. I sometimes think I’m being ungodly because some of my favorite movies are drug dealing movies. My mindset is take the same principles they use to have a ungodly business and start a legal business that will build the kingdom of God! The same scriptures come to my mind, Luke 16:8 and Matthew 10:16.


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