Stop doing too much: the social media edition.

I got a lot of DM's about my decision to shut down the Big Idea Food Instagram account temporarily. It seems many of us are navigating the space around owning and managing multiple accounts too and maybe even praying about what to do in your situation. If that's you right now, I wanted to share what I'd tell my 3 years ago self if I could go back in time and chat with her.

I'd tell her:

  • Girl, don't divert your energy between two accounts. You doin too much. Just park the @BigIdeaFood account for now and use it to feature dope customer photos and testimonials with a link for ppl to buy the book. Don't worry about following a content strategy. Just treat it like a portfolio for now. 
  • Keep building up your personal social media presence. This is your best route for growing trust among your audience, generating consistent sales without having to run ads & positioning yourself for the deals, partnerships & collabs you're going to want in the future. People buy more readily from people than they do from early stage, faceless brands.
  • Slow down. Invest time to find out what God has asked you to do right now and then make that your #1 priority. This is a structured prayer process that could help you get clarity without staying stuck for too long.

I'd probably also walk her through a list of questions to help tease out her vision and goals further. If you want some of those prompts, reply back and let me know and I'll share them next week if enough people request it.

Also, this newsletter didn't end up being a do you feel about that? As I'm recalibrating how I show up in the internets right now, I'm exploring some adjustments to the newsletter and would love your feedback. Just thinking maybe some weeks it won't be a devotional but may be something more in the vein of mentorship, coaching, behind the scenes of my business, etc. Seriously, reply back and let me know what you think either way. I'd love to hear your perspective.

Appreciate you so much more than you know. Until next time!

BIG love,

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