Stop creating new things to do for God before completing the old things He actually asked you to do.

"Everywhere I traveled with all Isra’el, did I ever speak a word to any of the judges of Isra’el, whom I ordered to shepherd my people Isra’el, asking, “Why haven’t you built me a cedar-wood house?”’ 

- 1 Chronicles 17:6 (CJB)


Recently God gathered my entire life by essentially asking me the same question He asked David in this scripture: But did I ask you to do that though? 

Just like David had gotten this random desire in his heart to build God a majestic house He never asked for, I had a grand scheme to help save 1 million souls via my business. Not a bad thing to have in your heart; it's just that while I was masterminding all these grand plans to save all the souls, I was neglecting the one thing God had actually asked me to do: create content.

The thing He may have asked you to do might not be content; it might be writing a book, launching that business, working out consistently, sending that email, etc

Whatever it is, are you neglecting it cuz you don't have enough [insert excuse] cuz you're too busy doing more "important" work for God?  If so, know this:

The most "important" work you could ever do for God is obey Him.

That's because He already has your entire mission planned out perfectly, He just needs you to fall in line with those plans so it can all work the way He intended. But you out here jamming up the assembly line cuz you won't do the little thing He asked you to do!

I know your mission is important but your obedience is even more important.

I’m now convinced that if we all just focus on cooperating with God, obeying Him day in and day out in each seemingly small task He places in front of us, He’ll walk us right into the bigness of our destinies and get us to the world-changing solutions we see ourselves providing. But it starts with consistent obedience.

So I guess this is just a call to relax on all your big plans cuz, again, God already has them all planned out perfectly anyway. Instead, focus on obeying Him. Just doing whatever he says like Jesus’ mama said (John 2:5). In time, as you consistently do those little things, trust and believe He will bring you into the big ones.


Still hungry? Eat some more //

  • Luke 16:10-11→ How can He trust you with the big things when He can't trust you to do the little things He asks you to do?

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