Possess your land.

"For Adonai your God is bringing you into a good land, a land with streams, springs and water welling up from the depths in valleys and on hillsides. It is a land of wheat and barley, grapevines, fig trees and pomegranates; a land of olive oil and honey; a land where you will eat food in abundance and lack nothing in it; a land where the stones contain iron and the hills can be mined for copper. So you will eat and be satisfied, and you will bless Adonai your God for the good land he has given you."

- Deuteronomy 8:7-10 (Complete Jewish Bible)


Random, but follow me for a sec: I think God has us all on a divine curriculum.

I don't know all of its phases, but I feel like a significant wilderness period is part of it and so is the possession of His "promised land" for each of us. I bring this up because, while I thought I was out of my own personal wilderness period early this year, I think I've still been in it this whole time 🙃 And I've been studying about the promised land these past few weeks and starting to get excited about hopefully, finally entering into it at some point soon.

That's why reading this week's scripture struck a chord in me. As I've been believing God for "streams" of income, when I saw that my proverbial "promised land" (the one I believe we'll all enter at some point as we progress through God's curriculum) has streams, springs AND wells in it got me excited! When I consider how water was the lifeblood of farming and feeding people back then, I can't help but equate its value to them to the value of money for us today. Your promised land has water (aka wealth) all up and through it! And that's just ONE of the abundant resources available in the land.

Whether you're also believing for streams of income, or there's something else you're praying to experience before 2022 is out, I believe it's available to you in your promised land too, waiting for you to possess it. Just look at some of these Biblical meanings of some of the resources inside the promised land:


  • Grapevines = wine, joy, celebration, forgiveness, atonement
  • fig trees = security
  • Pomegranates = financial & material wealth, romance
  • Olive oil = healing, cleansing, prosperity
  • Honey = sweetness, plenty, wisdom

The general sense I'm feeling entering into this final quarter of 2022 is that everything good that God has for us is available for the taking. So let us go up at once and possess it for we are well able!!! (Numbers 13:30 KJV). And, even if you're still walking through your wilderness period like me, I encourage you to be patient with God as He does the necessary work on your heart and mind so that, once you enter your land, you and your children's children will be able to STAY in your land. Happy October and cheers to a prosperous Q4!


Still hungry? Eat some more //

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  • Read all of Deuteronomy to get a sense of what the promised land promise entails

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