Make what you want work.

"In everything [David] did he had great success, because the Lord was with him."

- 1 Samuel 18:14


One of my friends in my mastermind recently decided to sunset her very successful public health practice in order to focus exclusively on her emerging art career. She said if I can grow something I'm not even passionate about to multiple six-figures, surely I can make at least half that with the thing I love. As I spent a considerable amount of 2021 still wrestling on whether or not to continue growing my coaching program, her example really inspired me to focus on the thing I'm most passionate about this year too.

For 2022, the overwhelming sense I'm getting in my spirit is to make what you want work.

Just like David was successful in everything he did because "the Lord was with him", you will be too in whatever you put your hands to because God is with you too. David wasn't successful because of how wise he was or because he used the recommended methods or popular strategies. The key ingredient to David's success had nothing to do with him and everything to do with Who he was with!

The question is what do you want to do? Are you wrestling between two different paths right now? One that you really wish you could do...but; and one that you're not as passionate about but it pays the bills? If so, of course you can always do both (cuz we can have it all!) but if you really just want to focus exclusively on your most aligned thing, you can do it! You can make it work because God is with you.

Now you already know that doesn't mean you won't experience challenges, opposition or failures (David certainly had his fair share of those too), but it does mean that your labor has no choice but to ultimately yield the fruit of success because you, my dear, have the God factor.

If this is speaking to you today, I encourage you to give whatever your "thing" is the space, focus & energy it needs to grow this year. Life is way too precious to spend it doing stuff that doesn't light you up inside. The best thing you can do with your time in 2022 is to figure out what you truly want and then make THAT work. I bet you'll be surprised at the additional pathways & provision that appear after you make this commitment. It'll work if you work it!

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