I refuse to be mediocre in this moment.

“So don’t throw away that courage of yours, which carries with it such a great reward. For you need to hold out; so that, by having done what God wills, you may receive what he has promised. For ‘There is so, so little time! The One coming will indeed come, he will not delay. But the person who is righteous will live his life by trusting, and if he shrinks back, I will not be pleased with him.’”

- Hebrews 10:35-38 (Complete Jewish Bible)

On his How I Built This episode, multi-billionaire James Dyson (creator of the Dyson vacuum brand) shared about the hard times he went through in the early stages of developing his business. When Guy Raz asked him what kept him from throwing in the towel, he said although there were several times he felt like quitting, he had learned the formula for managing that feeling from his days of being a long-distance runner in high school. He said the moment you’re the tiredest and want to give up is precisely when you’re supposed to accelerate because that’s when everybody else gives up. Now that’s a fire formula right? Here’s the thing though:

Knowing the winning formula is a lot different than actually applying the winning formula. 

Applying it is hard! The very act of accelerating when you’re already dog tired is straight up PAINFUL. You gon’ feel every piece of that acceleration boo. And the truth is, accelerating in the moment can feel a lot like you’re doing too much. Part of you is willing to do what it takes to breakthrough but 97% of you is asking the question “Is all this really necessary?!” And that’s the part of you that is deceived enough to believe you can still attain your next level of success by continuing to do what you’ve been doing (or worse: do a little less). But no. Now is the time to go harder.

God is calling you to be great in this moment. Not mediocre.

He says in our scripture this week that He is not pleased with us when we shrink back. Now I know it doesn’t feel good to imagine God not being pleased with us, but think about it: how would you feel if your child or someone you’d been mentoring decided to start slowing down when they were inches away from the finish line? Would you just sit idly by while you witnessed it or would you be on your feet yelling at the top of your lungs, “go baby go! You got this! Push it!” I believe that’s how God feels whenever He sees us doing bare minimum work. He’s not pleased because He of allllll people knows the prayers you’ve been praying!

And He knows you desire extraordinary results but that you’ll never get them by doing the ordinary.

People that win go harder in the moment than people that lose. Period. If you’re believing for a new level of increase in your business right now, you have to realize that you’re not going to get it by continuing to put in the same amount of effort you’ve been doing. If you’re feeling like you want to cut a corner here, be a little lazy there, or not go that extra mile, that feeling is actually your cue to push harder than ever before. You’re that close. God can tell what you’re believing for by the work you’re putting towards it. Show Him your extraordinary so He can show you His.

Still hungry? Eat some more //
Hebrews 10:39 → Mediocrity is not in your DNA. We don't shrink back as people of God. We go harder. We win. We hit our goals.
Hebrews 11 & 12 → Read about the heritage of faith that you belong to and keep believing. You will get what you're believing for if you don't give up.

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