God's plan will prevail.

“One can devise many plans in one’s mind, but Adonai’s plan will prevail.”

- Proverbs 19:21 (Complete Jewish Bible)


If you’ve been with me for a while, you may recall back in 2020 when I shared that I misallocated a substantial amount of money in the process of executing a business plan that ultimately wasn’t aligned with the type of business God called me to build. While I’ve since forgiven myself for this error and chalked it up to a really expensive lesson that God needed me to learn at that stage of my development, I’ve always viewed that entire experience as one HUGE mistake I made that God, in His grace, carried me through.

Well, fast-forward to present day, I’ve recently taken on part-time contract work with one of my mentors (which has been a dream, God-led opportunity that I’m still pinching myself about!), and, come to find out, one of the “mistake” investments I made back then actually gave me some really niche knowledge they needed for this role that allows me to add tremendous value to them! 🤯 When I tell you?!

God is playing chess, not checkers.

It’s like He factored in my “mistake” from the beginning and somehow, in His infinite omniscience, even in my “wrong” decisions, I was always being led and His plan was always going to prevail. And not just His plan for me, but also His plan for my new bosses too!

As I lean into releasing control to God more than ever in 2023, this week’s scripture has become a guidepost for me and I hope it comforts you too. Know that despite the mistakes you’ve made recently or in the past, God is intentional and meticulous enough to have already worked it out—both for your good and for the good of the people He’s connecting you with. Rest assured that He absolutely has a plan with your name on it and you can trust that He’s in control of making sure you’re walking in it—whether you’re conscious of it or not.


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Still hungry? Eat some more //

  • Matthew 14:20 → My friend shared this scripture with me in response to hearing my story and it really speaks to the fact that nothing is ever wasted.
  • Psalm 37:23 NLT → this scripture speaks to God’s meticulousness in planning for us! 
  • Romans 8:28 → Even if it wasn’t part of God’s initial plan, He’s still masterful at weaving it all together for our good.

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