God made me incomparable.

“Stop worrying,” he replied, “don’t be afraid. Your God and the God of your father put treasure in your packs.”

- Genesis 43:23a (Complete Jewish Bible)

Been getting all these messages about comparison the last few days and avoiding them like the plague because I wanted to talk about comparison today and didn’t want to get caught up comparing my message with someone else’s 😂. Isn’t that deep!? But it’s so necessary when you know your own triggers. You can be the most confident person in the world but still get lost in the comparison trap because it’s something we’re all susceptible to in one form or another.

I recently got trapped by it when I came across another coach in my space with a more developed program for authors than mine. And even though their program offers a completely different result than mine AND my program is awesome, I still felt all my confidence leaving me like it was on the midnight train to Georgia. It was like another reminder that someone else has been in the game longer than me, they’re more established, have more receipts and my little offering is basically just peanuts.

But don’t you just love our God!? Knowing the space that I had fallen into, it was like He immediately sent air support to my damaged ego. That’s what this week’s scripture was for me. Even though it’s talking about the trick Joseph played on his brothers before revealing his true identity to them, God used this tiny little line to revive me like only He can. It was like I heard Him shouting out to me saying “You’re still amazing and there are people out there who need the unique treasure I have placed within you!” All. The. Feels. If you’re in the midst of a comparison battle right now, I want you to let this sink in real good:

God made you incomparable.

Oxford’s dictionary defines the word incomparable as “without an equal in quality or extent; matchless.” That’s you. No one has the same peculiar combination of talents, skills, experiences, challenges overcome & lessons learned as you. And even before you had any of those things you were already a unique creation, never to be duplicated because God made you in His very own image and guess what? There ain’t nobody like Him. That means there ain’t nobody like you either boo. And no one can do it like you do it.

I know the struggle of being newer in business and how thin the line is between seeking inspiration and falling into comparison. God helped me overcome by encouraging me to take inventory (again) of my secret sauce. You can never remind yourself enough of how dope you are!

So whether you’ve never done that or it’s been a minute since the last time you did, I want you to take time this week to list out all the things about yourself and what you offer in business that no one else can offer quite like you. Make it like a resume on your dopeness that you can pull up anytime comparison strikes. Then remind yourself that you are the best ever at what you do and keep it moving.

Still hungry? Eat more //
Mark 5:36→ The same way Jesus overheard the negative report they tried to throw at Jairus, I believe He overheard the trash comparison tried to tell you too. Isn’t he sweet? Pay attention to His response and do what He said.

Zechariah 4:10→ Everything bigger, more established & more refined than your product started out small, humble, unseen, un-celebrated & imperfect. Remember that. And keep building.

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