God isn't holding you back, your own foolishness is.

"Turn my eyes away from worthless things; with your ways, give me life." 

- Psalm 119:37 (Complete Jewish Bible)


Just had an epiphany a few weeks ago about the fact that, while I greatly enjoy and feel fulfilled by my business, I do not have those same feels about my actual life. I know. Le sigh.

As I sat with that and asked God to help me create a better life for myself, I sensed Him reminding me of some "life work" He'd led me to do many months ago that I had neglected to do (literally just create a vision board, dassit. My old one was expired and I hadn't created a new one yet). Then, as I tried to explain all the reasons I hadn't done it because I didn't have the time, He kindly called my attention to the 2-3+ hours I spend nightly watching tv.

Now, don't get me wrong, I needs and look forward to my tv time 😂  But in that moment of despair about not having the time, it was like God opened up a whole new treasure trove of time that I had been overlooking. Maybe I need my tv time, but do I need 3+ hours of it nightly? No. And could I at least use an hour of that time each night to work on designing my life? Yes.

Earlier in my walk with God, I remember praying this week's scripture over and over to help myself turn away from worthless things like tv so I could be better at focusing on Him. Now, years later, as I seek to find and create my abundant life, I think it's time to resurrect it.

[First Name], I don't know if you've been feeling like a victim lately, but if so, this is a reminder that you are not. God is not keeping you stuck and there is nothing holding you back from living the life of your dreams except your own foolishness. If that's you today, join me in asking God to help you turn away from whatever "worthless" things are hogging your time, resources & energy so that you can invest them into the things that will yield the beautiful life you know He has for you.


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  • This sermon is so, so good. Especially if you're feeling stuck or victim-ey right now.

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