God is not doing this to you.

“Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven..”

- Matthew 18:18 (New International Version)


I’m about to pivot again in my business—although I’m not sure if “pivot” is really the best word; I think little by little I’ve just been surrendering more to what God’s plan has been all along in response to the intense construction He’s been doing on my mind and heart these last few years. One morning back in early September, before making some of these hard “pivot” decisions, I was in the throes of despair about how much it feels like I’ve been “toiling all night in my business and not catching anything” (ref Luke 5:5-11) and I was just feeling completely exhausted; like literally just giving up and leaving entrepreneurship for good. You know how those low vibration pity parties be.

Later that afternoon though, the Spirit of Truth (John 16:13) reminded me that this exhausted feeling was NOT God’s will for my life and that I needed to release all questions of “why is God doing this to me” because He’s wasn’t; according to the principle Jesus shared in this week’s scripture:

I was allowing it, so heaven was allowing it. Period.

And He was right. I had been allowing poverty into my life and business decisions, not God. And that’s not to devalue the progress & impact I’ve had up this point; it’s just to acknowledge that it’s time for some major upheaval in my spiritual atmosphere, my physical surroundings, my circle as well as my mindset, financial & business literacy. It’s just time to get real and start making the necessary changes to lay hold of the life I know God has for me.

I’ve begun my own process for this and, if this message is hitting you, I encourage you to begin yours too. The beauty of how this Matthew 18:18 principle operates is that when I decide to stop allowing poverty, heaven will back me. And when I decide to loose the blessing and prosperity God has for me, guess what? And heaven will back whatever you decide too; as long as it’s in God’s will, which is His Word, it’s already yours for the “loosing” 😊

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  • Rev 19:13, John 1, Isaiah 55:10-11 & 1 John 5:14 → God’s Word is His will & we can have anything we ask / bind / loose for it that it says we can have.

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