God is my CEO, not my micromanager.

“The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.”

- Psalm 37:23 (New Living Translation)

There’s an endless list of things I’m grateful to Jesus for delivering us from, but one of the biggest things I’m happy about is not having to do all the Old Testament rituals and sacrifices the children of Israel had to do. I’ve been studying in Exodus the last few weeks and the level of detail with which God instructed them to build the tabernacle, prepare the offerings, etc was just SO muuuuch. It got me thinking about how sometimes we say we want to know every single step God wants us to take before we take it but..do we really? Because He can get EXTREMELY specific — just read Exodus 25 as an example; talk about detail! Here’s what I’m getting at:

Stop saying God is your CEO but then acting like you need to be micromanaged.

Think about it, if God really is your CEO, do you think He’d rather you be an employee who’s a self-starter or one who literally does nothing until you get explicit direction from Him? I know who I’d hire for the job! And don’t we all hate being micromanaged anyway? Wouldn’t we rather God give us the space to exercise the very creativity He put in us in the first place? And trust that we’ll come to Him when we need help for navigating a tough patch?

Now I’m not saying be hasty and disobey direct orders, I’m just saying celebrate the fact that He gives you room to build knowing He’s always there to guide as needed. That’s the level of freedom He purchased for us through His Son. Just look at how He chose to simplify our lives with one, once-and-for-all sacrifice vs requiring us to fulfill all 2 million commandments, rituals, offerings & sacrifices. That alone tells me He doesn’t want to micromanage us any more than we want to be! As much as He delights in the intimate details of our lives, He’s not obsessing over whether we get things right or wrong like He used to. Jesus got everything right for us, for all time.

Now of course if you’re a baby in Christ, you’ll need more hand-holding than a mature Chrstian — and there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re still learning His voice and how to recognize and trust His Spirit living inside you. Go ahead and cry out for Him to guide your every decision before you make moves. And do so with NO shame!

But if you know the word and have built your faith up over time, make your decisions boldly knowing that God has already made contingencies for any errors you make like any good CEO would. Don’t be afraid to take steps when things aren’t crystal clear. And check yourself to make sure you’re not being a lazy employee instead of the general He’s called you to be.

Still hungry? Eat more //
Hebrews 10:1-14→ Jesus paid it all. Chill on being worried about messing up and just flow with God who never would have given it to you if He didn't trust you to execute it.

Matthew 25:14-30→ God's word, His Holy Spirit & the lessons He's taught you up to this point are your "talents". Make sure you're not burying them by waiting on Him to do things for you that He's taught you to handle yourself.

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