God is getting you back into alignment.

"For you were like sheep going astray, but have now returned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls."

- 1 Peter 2:25 (New King James Version)


Being in wilderness bootcamp these last several months has brought many days where, sometimes, I'm just sitting and listening to God, flowing with whatever the Spirit is telling me to do that day instead of doing whatever's on my to do list. To say it's been uncomfortable is an understatement. Sometimes it feels like I'm just plain wasting time and falling even more behind on my goals. But, in the midst of these emotions, God encouraged me that, in reality:

While it feels like I've been slowed down, the work He's doing on me in this season is literally shaving months and years of drifting toward the wrong direction off my life. 

That's why I can't stop thanking Him because before He sat me down I was running. FAST. But I was out of alignment. If you've ever driven a car that was out of alignment, you know that if you were to take your hand off the steering wheel going 100 MPH, the car would drive into a ditch or hit somebody, right!? It's exhausting to drive a car like that, always having to put pressure on the steering wheel to keep it in line; not to mention bad for the car, and low-key dangerous. Yes, it requires time and money to take it into the shop to fix it, but it's ultimately better for the car, you & everyone else on the road.

Your life & business are the car. 

Before God sat you down, you might have been driving them in the right direction, but that subtle mis-alignment was slowly taking you off course. That's why this week's scripture blessed me. Just like God saw that you had gone astray and needed a Savior, He saw that you were drifting off track and needed a divine re-alignment. That's because He not only cares about your soul, He cares about your life & business too! So much so that He's doing what's necessary to make sure you don't damage either one of them.

Maybe you've been questioning yourself and whether you've actually been following God or if it's just all been in your head. It hasn't. God has you in process. And if you don't wanna go around this mountain again, you've got to just relax and trust it. Let God do His work to re-align you. Even though it may feel like you're stalled and going nowhere, trust that this is truly the very thing you need to get exactly where you're supposed to go in the quickest, safest & easiest way possible (emphasis on the EASE). 


Still hungry? Eat some more //

  • Matthew 4:1-17  After Jesus went through His wilderness season, His ministry started and, as we know, He had 3 of the most impactful years anyone has ever had. Trust the process! 
  • Matthew 11:28-30 I truly believe that the presence of ease is an indication that you're in alignment.
  • I share more about ease in this video. It was inspired by part 1 of a newsletter series I did about how we're not supposed to be struggling (part 2 is a synopsis of the video if you don't have 20ish minutes to listen to the full message) 

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