God gave you life to enjoy it.

"So I recommend enjoyment — a person can do nothing better under the sun than eat, drink and enjoy himself; this is what should accompany him as he does his work for as long as God gives him to live under the sun."

- Ecclesiastes 8:15 (Complete Jewish Bible)


For the past several weeks I've been working on defining my personal brand now that my focus has shifted to building it up. In the process, I've been refining my current offer suite and even entertaining swapping out some of the old offerings for fresh ideas I have. As exciting as pursuing new ideas is though, it hit me the other day that I could actually remove an old offer from my plate WITHOUT adding a new one. As I processed that thought further I realized that if I have space on my plate to build a new idea, the best "idea" I could put energy toward right now is not a business, it's my life.

My life is my dopest, most precious "idea" I could ever build. 

This was a mind-blowing reframe for me because I've been NEEDING to work on my life. To curate it more. To LIVE it more. And doing so takes work that I so often neglect. But if I were to make my life an actual project in my brain, so that I approached building it with the same energy that I put towards my business ideas? So that I prioritized it & made room for it like I do these other dope ideas I'm so passionate about? Wow, imagine what I could come up with!

This week's scripture drives all these thoughts home for me. Even though we will live eternally, we only get to live this version of life once. That makes every single minute we're breathing our most valuable possession. There's no doubt that building our businesses helps create the means to make life even sweeter, but you can't put ALL your eggs (aka "life minutes" lol) into that one basket. This is just to encourage you to use any extra space you may have to intentionally live and enjoy your life in whatever way you can afford right now because these minutes don't last forever. 


Still hungry? Eat some more //

  • 1 Timothy 6:17 → it's risky to put so much trust in your business to provide the life you want that you neglect to actually live the life you want (and that God has provided for you to have)
  • I really encourage you to read and study Ecclesiastes with these thoughts in mind. This recent devotional will also enrich your study. 

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