God can use your own strategy to do it too.

"In this way the man became very rich and had large flocks, along with male and female slaves, camels and donkeys."

- Genesis 30:43 (Complete Jewish Bible)

I always thought that God gave Jacob the strategy to use the peeled poplar branches to produce the speckled and spotted flocks that made him rich off his unjust boss' herds (Read the backstory in Genesis 30:25-31:13). But that may not actually be the case. It never actually says God gave him the plan. So, it could be interpreted that Jacob came up with the strategy (Gen 30:31-34) and God blessed it (31:10-13)!

This is relevant because, as I mentioned in last week's newsletter, just because we're spending the next several weeks learning about how to tap in to God's supernatural provision, it doesn't mean it's bad or God looks down on us if we still use our own methods to provide for ourselves. He know we got needs! lol! And He knows we're learning His ways and that takes time. This is only intended to share an additional tool for your arsenal of creating the wealth God has made available to all of us.

I do believe, however, that the more we learn how to activate God's supernatural provision in our lives, the more we'll be able to experience the relief that comes from fully resting in Him for our support. But, as with everything, there's levels to this! So as we dive deeper into this series, I encourage you to try the methods I'm sharing according to where your faith is. If you have faith for a 24-hour strategy & miracle, go for it! If you have faith that God will bless your own strategy, roll with that! It's not about what you're believing for, it's just about you believing! Working that faith muscle. So work it!


Still hungry? Eat some more //

  • Exodus 23:29-30 → This is one of my favorite passages of scripture that speaks to how God will let you grow into His promises over time vs expecting you to possess them all at once. It's all about progression over perfection 💪🏽
  • Also, BIG s/o to God for the two testimonies below that came in last week from people applying the message I shared here. If you have a testimony, reply back and let me know so we can share and strengthen everyone's faith together! Also share online at #RadicalProvisionStories

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