Get out of your mind.

"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”

- Mark 10:45 (New King James Version)

I'm so thankful for my time in advertising because it taught me how real brands are built. I even laugh now when I watch movies or tv shows that depict advertising scenes when the creative director character just comes up with a brand idea out of thin air and the company runs with it because that's not how it's done at all. And, unfortunately, I see so many entrepreneurs, especially Christian ones, doing the same thing (and their business lacks clarity and impact because of it).  The reality is:

If you're struggling to figure out your direction, it's often because you're too much in your own head and not enough in your audience's.

The best, most impactful brands that we see on tv are built to solve their audience's problems, not just from the owner's big ideas. Too many of us are trying to make decisions in a vacuum about how we'll structure our business, what brand colors to use, what products to offer, etc when those decisions should be dictated by insight we've gained from our customers.

That's why I love using this week's scripture in this context. Jesus obviously wasn't talking about building a business in this passage but He was redirecting His disciples to be more service-minded. And in my experience, that's where the clarity you're searching for comes from. When you take the focus off of yourself and onto the people you're trying to serve, you'll find that it's much easier to make decisions because you're doing what's best for them.

If you've been in your head trying to figure out where to take your business next, do yourself a favor and get outta your mind!! Take your attention off of you and what YOU think, and put it onto your customers and what THEY need. I promise you that not only will doing this give you the clarity you've been missing, but it will also help you build the type of foundation that the best brands are made of. And I know you want to be the best, don't you?

Still Hungry? Eat more //

- Here's a link  to a really great market research interview script. Don't be lazy and just slap questions up in your IG stories--that's just ineffective at best. Get in the room 1-on-1 with 3-5 of your customers and learn from them. This script will walk you through how to do that effectively. 

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