Depending on God isn't "risky".

"So he said, 'What then is to be done for her?' And Gehazi answered, 'Actually, she has no son, and her husband is old.' So he said, 'Call her.' When he had called her, she stood in the doorway. Then he said, 'About this time next year you shall embrace a son.' And she said, 'No, my lord. Man of God, do not lie to your maidservant!' But the woman conceived, and bore a son when the appointed time had come, of which Elisha had told her."

- 2 Kings 4:14-17 (New King James Version)

It wasn’t realistic at all for this woman to believe she could have a son but nevertheless, God said it and it happened. Naturally, her initial reaction was one of fear in getting her hopes up, but she must have gotten over it at some point and went and had relations with her husband lol. As scary as it was to believe, she still took action. As I talked about last week, our problem is that we'll let the fear of disappointment keep us from ever even taking action! And that's a HUGE problem because it's our actions that bring manifestation (and our lack of action that stops it). All I'm saying is:

Don't get mad at God for not delivering on a word that you never acted on.

When you act on God's word, you activate its inherent power to bring itself to pass. That means, even though it may be scary to act on, it's never actually "risky". God has effectually removed "risk" from the equation by the sheer fact that first of all, He refuses to lie (Numbers 23:19); and secondly, He watches over His word to make sure it comes to pass (Jeremiah 1:12). Chance are if you're reading this, you already agree with these scriptures to a certain extent. And that's great. What I'm trying to get you to realize now is that agreeing with them alone won't get the job done.

You have to go from just agreeing with God's word, to acting on God's word.

I'm going to talk more about how we act on God's word next week but for now, I just want you to wrap your mind around the fact that God's word is trustworthy. You can depend on it. It's not "risky" to depend on it. If there's a dream in your heart that you believe is from God but you're afraid to act on it, this week I want you to ask Him to show you a scripture in the Bible to stand on. Then search for it, keeping your ears and eyes open for the Holy Spirit to reveal it to you. He'll do it! And I promise you that once you have His word on it (which is His will) and activate the process we're going to talk about next week, you can bet on it coming to pass.

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    1. Read these scriptures to build your faith in God's word & that it will work for you if you believe it: Isaiah 55:6-11, Isaiah 40:8, Hebrews 10:23, 2 Samuel 22:31, Proverbs 30:5, Romans 3:3-4 (AMP), 2 Timothy 2:13 (AMP), 1 Thess 2:13 (AMP), Romans 4:18-21 (AMP)

    2. Matthew 7:7 & Hebrews 11:6 → Ask God to show you His word about your situation so that you'll have something to believe. He will show it to you. He wants to show it to you!

    3. Listen to this message to help keep an open mind about what God wants vs what you want. The word He wants to give you may be different than the one you're seeking. And trust, it IS risky to depend on a word that isn't from God. That's where many of us miss it because we depend on something that He never said. Then get mad at Him. Tuh!

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